You’re unique, with your own style and expression. You like a good challenge and are a deep thinker and feeler. Your senior portrait needs to be as unique as you are and celebrate your creativity. Your photographer should know how to bring out those exclusive features and qualities that set you apart and inspire others.

Class Clown:

You’re the life of the party and you always have everyone laughing with your hilarious one-liners. You value your friends and enjoy making others happy. Your senior portrait needs to show your outgoing vibe and quick-witted humor. You’ll want your photographer to bring out your personality and capture your playful essence, without looking too posed.

Best Dressed:

When it comes to Homecoming, Prom, or other school events, everyone wonders what you will be wearing. You’re very self-aware and confident to pull off certain looks, so your senior portrait should showcase everything about your fashionable vibe. You’ll want your photographer to know how to create captivating, magazine cover-worthy images!

Most Likely to Overachieve:

Driven, focused and ambitious, you like academics and have an entrepreneur’s mind. You can’t wait to take on the world to see what you can accomplish. You’ll want your senior portrait to convey your wit, drive, passion and ambitions. Your photographer should know how to get the perfect mix so that you can proudly share the results of your photo shoot.

Most Athletic:

Sports is a huge part of who you are. You’re loyal to your teammates and get pumped about game day. You work hard, play hard and have a mindset for intense training. Your senior portrait should be full of school spirit, too. Your photographer should know how to incorporate your passion and strength into a winning photo shoot.