about us

After sustaining an injury while serving in Iraq, our Co-Founder Brian Johnson started to lose his memory. This started Brian’s love for taking pictures as a way to provide permanent memories. In 2014, Brian quit his service as a Police Officer in Colorado and dedicated his life to creating these permanent images alongside his wife, Malinda. We are a husband and wife team who work together to capture life’s most precious moments all across the world.

a little about us

Our work has been featured worldwide and we are proud to announce that are internationally award winning photographers. In 2017, we won our first international award from the LETR International. Our award winning image captured a Special Olympics Athlete who had just completed a dead-lift. The athlete threw his arms to the side and looked straight up. In addition to this award, we have been awarded and recognized all across the world for our creativity, spirit, and portraiture.

Giving back to our community is truly what drives us. Whether it is giving back through photography, teaching our photography and graphic design skills to others, or simply volunteering at various nonprofit events across the nation.

You can check out our team volunteering with WarriorNOW, Special Olympics Colorado, Colorado Honor Guard Association, and The Honor Network.

We are now committed to creating lasting memories through the art of photography. As our memory fades, we are hopeful that photographs, digital or printed, will continue to provide a door to the past. Our art is based on the beauty around us. Everything from Urban Scenes to Remote Mountain Landscapes. We are constantly working to refine our craft and product so check back often to see the latest Brian Johnson Photo art pieces.